Product Care

Tote Bags: 

Our tote bags are 100% cotton and can be machine washed at 30 degree celsius. However; take care and use a gentle cycle to protect the cotton. DO NOT tumble dry your tote bag, leave your bag to air dry and when ironing, cover with a tea towel or iron inside out to protect the design. 


Natural Soaps:

Our natural handmade soaps will change the way you once felt about your bath or shower.

For the best use out of your handmade soap, we recommend:

To allow your soap to dry naturally between uses; by storing it on a free draining soap dish. This will allow air to circulate around it. To help your soap to last longer; please keep your soap away from direct sprays from your shower head or submerged in water for too long.


Up-Cycled Earrings:


Please Note: Not Real Sliver.

Our up-cycled earrings must be kept away from direct sunlight & stored in a cool dry place, when not in use. Please refrain from sleeping in the earrings to avoid damage. 

Remove your earrings when taking a shower or bath.

It is very important to keep your earrings away from any liquids. (this includes perfume, soap, shampoo, conditioner and cleaning products such as dish washing liquid, bleach and other chemicals.

Unfortunately any fashion earrings may discolor or tarnish over time as it is not real sliver, so take care of your earrings to help preserve it's life span.